State fair entertainment

Health and Safety

Come together and stay safe.

We aim to keep everyone safe as the world continues to fight off COVID-19.  To ensure that everyone has a fun and safe experience, we have several provisions in place to keep everyone protected. We will adhere to all updated local ordinances throughout the event. 

Our mission is to bring an affordable fair with world-class attractions and entertainment experiences to Los Angeles. The 2021 State Fair Santa Anita Park will celebrate the variety of the landscapes and cultures of Los Angeles, the equality of all and our ability to come together to celebrate the diversity the city offers.

The health and safety measures that are being used at this event are intended to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19. However, these risks cannot be completely avoided. Anyone visiting State Fair Santa Anita Park voluntarily assumes all risks associated with COVID-19. As required by the California Department of Public Health, until further notice State Fair Santa Anita Park is only open to California residents and only in parties that are no larger than 3 households. If an individual visits State Fair Santa Anita Park they agree to abide by all current CDC guidelines and regulations surrounding COVID-19 including but not limited to, wearing appropriate face coverings and maintaining physical distance. If an individual does not comply with all current CDC guidelines and regulations, State Fair Santa Anita Park reserves the right to require that individual to be removed from the property immediately and will not be issuing any refunds or exchanges.

Latest County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health Guidelines for Outdoor Mega Events (6/15/21): Outdoor Mega Events (example: music or food festivals / car shows / large endurance events and marathons / parades / sporting events and concerts) that attract crowds of over 10,000 persons can re-open to the public. In addition to the general public heal recommendations, it is strongly recommended that Outdoor Mega Event operators verify the full vaccination status or pre-entry negative COVID-19 viral test results for all attendees. All attendees who do not verify full vaccination status prior to entry should be asked to wear face coverings. Attendees must follow California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Guidance for Face Coverings. Outdoor Mega Event operators must prominently place information on all communications including reservation and ticketing systems, to ensure guests are aware that State and County health officers strongly recommendations that they be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, obtain a negative COVID-19 viral test prior to attending the event, and wear a face mask while in attendance. Operators are to make face masks available for all attendees. 

Additional Recommendations for Both Outdoor and Indoor Mega Events: Mega Event Operators are encouraged to follow these additional recommendations: 

  1. Encourage everyone to get vaccinated when eligible. 
  2. Facilitate increased ventilation of indoor spaces (i.e. open all windows and doors to increase natural air flow), following California Department of Public Health Interim Guidance for Ventilation, Filtration and Air Quality in Indoor Environments.
  3. Encourage everyone to sign up for the CA Notify as an added layer of protection for themselves and the community to receive alerts when they have been in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19.
  4. Convey the risk of attending large crowded events where the vaccine status of other attendees may be unknown to the individuals. 
  5. Convey the risk of attending large crowded events for populations that may not currently be eligible for vaccination or may be immunocompromised and whose vaccine protection may be incomplete.
  6. Encourage all venues along any parade or event route to provide outdoor spaces for eating/drinking/congregating to reduce the risk of transmission in indoor settings.

Your safety and heath are our top priorities, as we all once again


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